Health Science has made it possible for people to live longer lives.Β  The HealthyCity Lifestyle Program is a specially tailored diet, exercise and medication compliance plan to help improve overall health outcomes.Β  Because more than 70 million Americans ages 50 and above suffer from at least one chronic condition, CityCARE Home Health in CT has developed the HealthyCity program to help seniors lead healthier and more fulfilled lives.



Your home caregiver will be trained in cooking methods to help control cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. A weekly meal plan will be created with input from you or your loved one. The food will not only be delicious, but also rooted in the latest science based methods to help improve your or your loved one’s chronic condition.


Medication compliance

Some of the most common chronic conditions afflicting tens of millions of Americans – pain, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, pulmonary conditions and mental disorders – can be controlled or improved with a simple pill, if taken on a regular schedule. Up to one-half of all patients in the U.S. do not take their medications as prescribed by their doctors. With our home care’s medication adherence program, you or your loved one will never forget to take the prescribed medicine. We will also work with your doctor and pharmacy to ensure you are never out of medication.



We will pay extra attention to physical activity levels and develop a tailored exercise program to help you or your loved one stay active. Moderate physical exercise can help seniors increase mental capacity, prevent disease, improve healing, improve balance, improve glycemic control, decrease hip and vertebral fractures, improve quality of sleep and increase life expectancy!


Medical alert button

Medical alert buttons provide peace of mind for independent seniors and their families. Providing extra safety, medical alerts can be life savers in case of a fall, sudden illness, and other medical emergencies. During our free assessment, we will work with you to determine if a medical alert is necessary to provide support during the hours when the caregiver is not in the home.

Participating in our home care agency’s HealthyCity Lifestyle Program in CT and allowing us to help put together a plan to manage these aspects of your life will improve safety and quality of life in the home.