hospitals risk

Most of us go to hospitals as a last resort. The constant beeping of machines, depressing walls, strange person sleeping next to us, and delicious cafeteria food, give all of us the motivation to stay home. In a real emergency, however, we like to think that a hospital will save our life – and in most situations, it does. Unfortunately, when it comes to senior care, things get a bit more complicated. When providing help…

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We are all aware of the importance of exercise. It’s important at any age. For seniors, a consistent exercise routine can mean the difference between independent living and needing a caregiver. Exercise reduces insulin resistance, inflammation, and boosts the size of the hippocampus (that’s the area of the brain involved in memory and learning), thereby making it easier for the brain to think and memorize. This, and other information can be found in the latest…

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Seniors and Social Interaction CT


We have all been driven crazy by our friends and loved ones. Sometimes, it happens more often than we’d like. A good book can be far more entertaining than a set of people at a dull dinner party. It’s usually more informative as well. While we each have distinct personalities and ways in which we like to spend our time, being engaged socially has been proven to be beneficial for our life span and health….

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I am not an Okinawan, should I really eat like one?


Nearly all of us have tried a diet at some point in our lives. We are bombarded with information on weight loss, healthy lifestyles, supplements, and many other lifestyle choices. It is nearly impossible to decipher all the facts, figures, recommendations, and studies. Our friends make suggestions, so do family members. One doctor suggests staying away from red meat, while another reminds us of the low iron count in our blood and suggests a nice…

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Flu shot elderly

Every year we hear a non-stop chorus of statistics on this year’s flu shot and its effectiveness. Advertisements for the flu vaccine in our physician’s offices, pharmacies and urgent care centers are common. Almost every doctor asks, “have you received your flu shot yet”?  Should seniors really get the flu shot? Does a senior really need the vaccine every year? Some years the flu shot is ineffective? Are there really no side effects? Lets try to…

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